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All the available resources to learn more about Jean Paul Riopelle

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See all of the works included under the different themes in a single viewing environment.

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Short Videos

Short, accessible and easily understood: these videos help to support the successful completion of each project.

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Creation Games

In class, with family or with friends, take on the challenge of creating through stimulating games. Jean Paul Riopelle loved to play, and he loved to use games as part of his creative process. 

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Appreciation Games

Learning through play is serious fun! Explore these amusing games for each theme.

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The timeline offers a clear overview of important moments in Jean Paul’s life and the elements that influenced him.

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Learn more about Jean Paul’s life through amusing photos from that time.

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What did Jean Paul Riopelle think about freedom, play, nature, the Earth and his trajectories? Explore citations that inspire reflection!

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Teacher's Guide

The teacher’s guide offers a comprehensive overview of each component to be found the Studio Riopelle digital platform. It explains how to approach the artist’s practice so as to invite students to dive into the heart of Jean Paul Riopelle’s creative process.

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The glossary provides definitions for different ideas associated to the visual arts and Jean Paul Riopelle’s artistic practice.

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RIO Gallery

Showing off your students’ talents has never been easier. Share images of their work in the virtual Rio Gallery, so they can be seen around the world.

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Learn more about Jean Paul Riopelle

The creation of the Foundation was inspired by the dream of Jean Paul Riopelle, who wished to pass on his passion for art, his vision, and inspire the next generation of artists to explore, innovate and surpass their creative potential.

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